When Philosophy becomes
Brother to spirituality.
Man remains not a man.
But a quintessential being.
Whiter than the angels.
And the earth more than
A utopia of dreamland.
Dreamed by many a Heart.
Only in throes of pain.

No hardship sorrows.
No failure, a failure.
As Truth unveils before hearts.

Energized by the hallow.
Man realizes the value of his being.
All others subservient to him.
He cares and protects them,
A motherly love.

Endowed with the greatest bounty,
He stands as the Lord’s favorite creation.
The bounty of language!
Unknown to earth-ians.
A gadget to unravel secrets.
A means to uproot differences.

When philosophy becomes
Brother to sprituality.
Man explores.
Not devours.
He transcends from individuality to sociality.
He considers ‘the other’.
‘I’ transforms into ‘we’.

ع ميرة


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