Mixed feelings of old

Enshroud me by the lake

Of anticipation and bleakness

Of brightness and gloom
I fail to understand myself many a times

This carcass, this soul, this heart!

Intricately woven into as one

Yet exhibits myraid hues of the season

Light and dark yet again light and dark

Like a jigsaw puzzle puzzling my nerves

I’m wondering on myself as if an another being

What is this called?

Is it normal or only happening with me

Do others also get into this?

I’m restless!

It was difficult for a moment

For a day as long as it can stretch

But I passed this skirmish

I know the dejected will rest not

And come again hovering near me

With some new tricks and pranks

But I’m now stronger and firmer

With rocks that abide by the foot

The bedrocks that firms my steps

With the Almighty’s help!


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