Mixed feelings of old

Enshroud me by the lake

Of anticipation and bleakness

Of brightness and gloom
I fail to understand myself many a times

This carcass, this soul, this heart!

Intricately woven into as one

Yet exhibits myraid hues of the season

Light and dark yet again light and dark

Like a jigsaw puzzle puzzling my nerves

I’m wondering on myself as if an another being

What is this called?

Is it normal or only happening with me

Do others also get into this?

I’m restless!

It was difficult for a moment

For a day as long as it can stretch

But I passed this skirmish

I know the dejected will rest not

And come again hovering near me

With some new tricks and pranks

But I’m now stronger and firmer

With rocks that abide by the foot

The bedrocks that firms my steps

With the Almighty’s help!


From pillar to post

And back again

Leaning on the old queen of mine

In her 60s sluthering fine

Together we Snowball along

New elements within,

Beneficial? Those rolled? I wonder!

Trolling in search of a dear thing

Which I thought easy to prey on

Flutters here and there swiftly

Rendering me tired to chase once more

My spirit of might, melting!

Sighs and fear mixer inside

Ah! Was I in fancy all this time?

Smooth, it slides off my hand!

Sinking inside the sands of self

I’m bemused by the thought

In the mirror I find a being

A look alike but fragments of it look unknown

These plains appear similar yet strange

Casting shadows of hopelessness

But twirling vines of hope!

Twine the walls of darkness

Ah! Glows my spirit again

To march once again

Amidst this hustle I live

A life of a warrior

No feats to boast of

But little victories to carry on

My ship of life

ع ميرة



Each fine day I wake up

In the dark silver horizon

When He unites

The soul with my carapace

That day I pass by with little thought

Of it being another shot

To ladder up my rank

To swim one more mile

Like in a reverie with little worries

I walk on the rope of life

Each moment squandered in wishes

Ephemeral to the core!

Eating to the core!

When the desert herb wishes shrunk

In the unending dunes of life

Awoke my squint eyes to the full

I see beyond the mirage, values

Of magnanimous hues

Deep down through mind’s eye

Enlightened by the heaven’s light

No other but by the sacred scripture

Ameliorating each atom to the best!

Now no more would I be fastidious

For to view life through the bird’s eye

Is ever more educational

In glee thus, I submit my being to thee

My Owner! My Master!

A mistake


Once a bulb lit in his head.
Hopes arose for a greener planet.
Electrified, it charged high,
And bursted open the dark chains.
That had stiffened his thoughts.

Then, like a bull it gored the matador.
And butted the prison wall.
Many mouths gaped in wonder.
Solidarity once again did miracle.
And humanity celebrated its victory
As history got embellished in golden ink.

Then a mistake,
Alas!  A mistake!
It mistook diamond as another stone.
Kicked it and lost the way.
Trampling new lands without a loadstar.
In the hope of a freedom.
It never reached ‘the garden’. 

Tired of fishing around.
Ethics became a forlorn artefact.
Tampered, his own self.
And the scale, imbalanced!
A void, thus appeared.

Guiled by the cotton candy.
‘The garden’ vaporized from his mind.
The sweet candy became,
His new raison d’être.
By and by, ‘the garden’, now a hinterland for him.
Faded, and curtains fell over it.
His world shrunk.
His aim belittled.
His-self became his cage.
His wings never grew.
He never flew,
In the enthralling canopy.
To feel the freedom.

ع ميرة