A prayer

As I grow up and pass through life

As I bow before Allah each day

I pray I be forever me

My prostration be the same

My heart as white as a dove

Spotless and stainless 

As I achieve things in life

And become someone of rank

I pray I be the same old me

Unpretentious and unassuming 

The word has reached me

That many a children of Adam and Eve

Were virtuous souls but as they grew

And become possessions of swelling mines

They tarried and slithered in goodness

By and by they forgot themselves 

Deluged in mine and pride

So I fear while talking steps in life

Of the destruction precedented

Of the eery faith they met

As I pass by life’s vale and plain

I pray I remember YOU!




When Philosophy becomes
Brother to spirituality.
Man remains not a man.
But a quintessential being.
Whiter than the angels.
And the earth more than
A utopia of dreamland.
Dreamed by many a Heart.
Only in throes of pain.

No hardship sorrows.
No failure, a failure.
As Truth unveils before hearts.

Energized by the hallow.
Man realizes the value of his being.
All others subservient to him.
He cares and protects them,
A motherly love.

Endowed with the greatest bounty,
He stands as the Lord’s favorite creation.
The bounty of language!
Unknown to earth-ians.
A gadget to unravel secrets.
A means to uproot differences.

When philosophy becomes
Brother to sprituality.
Man explores.
Not devours.
He transcends from individuality to sociality.
He considers ‘the other’.
‘I’ transforms into ‘we’.

ع ميرة